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What our clients say

  • In the last years we developed a strong Pain Care Path for Pectus Patients. After surgery these patients suffer sever pain due to the impact on their thorax. We usually send these patients home with a pain pump, and follow them up at home with the BeWell Innovations App.  Patients were complaining of severe pain after a couple of days at home.  Thanks to the data received from the BeWell  App, we discovered a flaw in the settings of the pain pump, which led to a diminished drug delivery on day 3.  The problem was rectified, and patient complaints disappeared.

    - Prof. Guy Hans, University Hospital Antwerp

  • Appi@Home supports our approach to subacute and chronic pain by offering a platform for continuous follow-up. Patients are provided with a toolbox and app that continuously collects objective outcome data. Pilot results clearly indicate an increase in patient responsibility and self-management, with a significantly shorter treatment period and earlier functional reintegration as a result.

    - Prof. Dr. Guy Hans, UZA (Antwerp University Hospital)

  • Every day, between 180 and 220 patients visit the oncology department for a consultation. The classic measurements by physicians take 3:07 minutes on average. If patients measure their parameters themselves, physicians can theoretically spend 10 hours per day on other, more complex tasks.

    - UZ Leuven on the kiosk in Mediplanet (May 30, 2016)

BeWell Innovations

BeWell Innovations is a Belgian, fast growing digital health and Medtech company, founded in 2010. Since its start, BeWell has earned a reputation of being a solid partner in the Belgian healthcare environment. BeWell is expanding rapidly in multiple countries.

  • +560.000 active kiosk patients
  • +25.000 active app users
    • Sweden
    • Ireland
    • Netherlands
    • Belgium

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Cases, News and Vacancies

BeWell Innovations has a mission to improve the quality of life for people with chronic conditions. We like to share our expertise on several chronic conditions. We welcome you to our community, and hope it might inspire you. Learn more about our “chronic conditions in the picture” and the projects we are involved in. We look forward to hearing from you.

Chronic conditions
in the picture



Chronic conditions in the picture

Improving the lives of patients with severe Chronic Post-Surgical Pain (CPSP)

“More than 45 million and 61 million surgical procedures are performed every year in the US and in Europe respectively. Most conservative estimates suggest that 10% to 15% of those...Read more


Collaboration between BeWell and Brussel-based Chirec Hospital

Recent collaboration between BeWell and Brussel-based Chirec Hospital to improve the patient journey and provide optimal follow-up of its patients. Read more on page 17Read more

Well@Home and covidathome.be app recognized by the governmental Taskforce for Data & Technology against Corona.

More and more mHealth initiatives are emerging as a result of the Covid-19 crisis. New apps are developed or existing apps are supplemented with specific functions. Remote care platforms are...Read more

BeWell relieves pressure on emergency services through online screening of patients potentially infected with COVID-19

Well@Home-app, online questionnaire, teleconsultations and medicalself-test kiosks in hospital provide relief to healthcare personnel and slow down further spreading of the virus Press releaseRead more

BeWell Innovations approved as level M1 App by mHealth Belgium

Bewell Innovations’ Well@Home app is one of the mHealth apps to be included in the validation pyramid of mHealthBelgium. This approval means that our health application Well@Home has initiated a...Read more

CoSMet development project

Following a specific enquiry from the clinical research market, BeWell Innovations and 2M Engineering have set up a collaboration. This collaboration involves the development of a wrist-worn device that enables...Read more

Contactless Measurements development project

Following a specific question from the clinical research market, BeWell Innovations and 2M Engineering have set up a collaboration. This collaboration involves a project and activities that contribute to the...Read more

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