BeWell offers an integrated combination of applications and medical devices for each phase of the patient journey, adapted to the needs of every user, physician or patient

Combine our

  • A comprehensive dashboard allows physicians to follow-up patients in an effective manner, and focus on those patients that need attention
  • Our extensive library of carepaths allows flawless patient decision-making and follow-up
  • Build your own carepaths customized to the physician’s needs with our carepath module
  • eHealth-based authentication module for maximal patient data safety
  • Realtime interaction with the hospital Electronic Health Record
  • API-connectivity with other validated Apps

What our clients say

  • In the last years we developed a strong Pain Care Path for Pectus Patients. After surgery these patients suffer sever pain due to the impact on their thorax. We usually send these patients home with a pain pump, and follow them up at home with the BeWell Innovations App.  Patients were complaining of severe pain after a couple of days at home.  Thanks to the data received from the BeWell  App, we discovered a flaw in the settings of the pain pump, which led to a diminished drug delivery on day 3.  The problem was rectified, and patient complaints disappeared.

    - Prof. Guy Hans, University Hospital Antwerp

  • Appi@Home supports our approach to subacute and chronic pain by offering a platform for continuous follow-up. Patients are provided with a toolbox and app that continuously collects objective outcome data. Pilot results clearly indicate an increase in patient responsibility and self-management, with a significantly shorter treatment period and earlier functional reintegration as a result.

    - Prof. Dr. Guy Hans, UZA (Antwerp University Hospital)

  • Every day, between 180 and 220 patients visit the oncology department for a consultation. The classic measurements by physicians take 3:07 minutes on average. If patients measure their parameters themselves, physicians can theoretically spend 10 hours per day on other, more complex tasks.

    - UZ Leuven on the kiosk in Mediplanet (May 30, 2016)