BeWell Innovations

BeWell Innovations is a Belgian, fast growing digital health and Medtech company, founded in 2010.  BeWell commercializes a self-developed GDPR compliant digital patient tracking platform for data acquisition including a kiosk interface for patient self-testing, telemonitoring and a dashboard to stay focused on the patients that require action. Since its start, BeWell has earned a reputation of being a solid partner in the Belgian healthcare environment.  BeWell is expanding rapidly in multiple countries.

BeWell offers hospital-based physicians (health care professionals) a patient platform that assists them to empower people with chronic conditions to live better and healthier lives.  Every chronic condition can be managed with the integrated extensive library of carepaths.  BeWell has brought patient journey management to the next level, by putting physicians at the center of chronic disease management while optimizing patient engagement.  Physicians can now initiate, respond, act and react upon substantial amounts of health data, refining diagnosis and improving the quality of therapy.  Using the Well@Home platform delivers better clinical, cost and quality of life outcomes, and creates a new, enriching experience for both health care professionals and people with chronic conditions.

BeWell Innovations wants:

  • To become the leading, trusted hospital-based physician platform for optimizing the patient journey
  • To drive maximal physician & patient engagement
  • To improve the quality of life for chronic patients in several disease states
  • To alleviate pain, provide early detection in diabetes and support neurodegenerative disease management
  • To generate data for boosting artificial intelligence and allowing better health outcomes
  • To address the digital needs of thousands of patients, hospitals and healthcare professionals worldwide