LifeHabit project: A better life quality for people with COPD and sarcopenia

A collaboration was launched between the companies BeWell Innovations, Greenhabit, Triamant and knowledge institutions VIVES and Maastricht University. This Flemish-Dutch consortium is dedicated to improving quality of life for people with sarcopenia and COPD by optimizing monitoring and coaching. This pilot trajectory is part of the Interreg PROOF-project. 

People with COPD (a chronic lung condition), sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass) or both, benefit from a healthy and active lifestyle to maintain and improve their quality of life. A healthy diet, sufficient support, not smoking and regular exercise are essential to this. Especially seniors or people who live alone can find it challenging to keep this up.  

Via the medically validated BeWell kiosk, that allows people to independently measure their own vital and viral parameters, combined with the digital coaching program Greenhabit, participants of this pilot trajectory are challenged to push their boundaries towards a better quality of life within the context of their home environment. 

A number of crucial questions surrounding the participants’ wellbeing are examined: Are they keen to keep up? Do they adjust their diet? Do they feel better? And what do the physical and mental parameters tell us? 

The rollout of this program will take place in different locations in Flanders. Participants will get digital support in addition to the support of life coaches from Triamant. Also, several hospitals and care organizations can introduce people to the program. 

Project | PROOF

The partners collaborating in the PROOF project bundle the expertise of healthcare actors, (food) companies and knowledge institutions in order to develop food that is tailored to patients’ needs. Aside from the build-out of infrastructure, the project partners will work with food companies and health care actors to develop personalized food that meets the needs of patients with sarcopenia and COPD. To measure the impact of adapted nutrition on patients, the partners are also looking for a suitable digital tool for screening and/or follow-up actions. 

Partners in this part of the PROOF-project: Bewell Innovations, Greenhabit, Triamant, Universiteit Maastricht, MUMC+, Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo, Hogeschool VIVES, TUA-West, POM West Vlaanderen. The project receives financial support from the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg Flanders-Netherlands program. The Province of Limburg (NL), the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate (NL) and Province of West Flanders (BE) are co-funders of this project.

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Brian Desplinter
Projectcoördinator PROOF
POM West-Vlaanderen