AZ Maria Middelares choses for patient platform

A first introduction between the AZ Maria Middelares in Gent and BeWell Innovations took place during the implementation of the self-monitoring kiosk in the hospital’s endocrinology outpatient clinic. This experience demonstrated how an ambulatorypatient can take on an important role in measuring specific health data. 

The hospital put this knowledge into practice during the first wave of corona. AZ Middelares applied the digital follow-up to patients who went to the emergency room with respiratory complaints or to patients who returned home after a hospitalization. This was done by means of the digital communication platform from BeWell Innovations.

We took the collaboration one step further when the hospital decided to develop its own patient platform MyMariaMiddelares. Thanks to the Well@Home platform from BeWell Innovations, patients can consult a number of documents digitally from their preferred device (computer, smartphone or tablet), fill in medical questionnaires or measure hemodynamic parameters with Bluetooth connected medical devices. This is enabled by means of a secure website, that forms a digital portal to the hospital and care. Both the functions of the platform, as the number of doctors who will use it, will gradually be increased.