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Treating patients. There's an app for that.

Well@Home is our award-winning mHealth tele-monitoring system, allowing physicians to keep tabs on patients even after they return home. Patients can easily measure their vital parameters through our user-friendly smartphone application. The resulting data is then made available to physicians in our web platform, where it can be used to evaluate the patient's therapy. We also proactively track down possible issues with patients and alert their physicians if necessary.

How it works

  1. Patients receive a Well@Home box with wireless medical measuring devices.
  2. The patient downloads our app, which guides you through getting everything set up.
  3. Measurements are securely transmitted to the hospital. Data only gets stored on-premises.
  4. Physicians can sift through the data, and receive proactive alerts if problems arise.

Spotlight story

Well@Home is currently deployed and used by real patients and physicians in the Antwerp University Hospital (UZA) as part of the Antwerp Personalized Pain Initiative (APPI). This collaborative pilot project is called Appi@Home. In June 2016, the project was rewarded with the Agoria eHealth Award 2016 for best project (NL/FR).

Appi@Home supports our approach to subacute and chronic pain by offering a platform for continuous follow-up. Patients are provided with a toolbox and app that continuously collects objective outcome data. Pilot results clearly indicate an increase in patient responsibility and self-management, with a significantly shorter treatment period and earlier functional reintegration as a result.

Prof. Dr. Guy Hans, UZA (Antwerp University Hospital)

Well@Home box
Well@Home smartphone app
Well@Home web platform



We strongly believe that remote patient monitoring is the future, and we aim to make it accessible to everyone. That's why our app is carefully designed and developed to make things as easy as possible for patients.


Our web platform shows physicians how their patients are doing at a glance, and proactively alerts them in case of problems. When viewing patient data, graphs let you identify trends so you can take appropriate action.


One size does not fit all. What devices go into a patient's Well@Home box? What qualifies as a "high" blood pressure? Which patients should complete this questionnaire? You decide.

We've got your back

We'll handle the tech side for you. We coordinate directly with your institution's IT department to get everything up-and-running on-premises. Once live, we assist patients with tech support.


Well@Home is a complete solution for remote patient monitoring, spanning smartphone apps and medical devices that let patients participate in tele-monitoring, to an on-premises web platform for physicians for consulting the gathered data.

If you have special requests or requirements, let us know. We regularly collaborate with institutions to expand the capabilities of our products. We're happy to discuss the possibilities with you!

Key features

  • Access to the Well@Home web platform, installed on-premises
  • Optional integration with internal hospital data systems
  • Well@Home smartphone app for patients
  • Mix-and-match these measurement devices and services:
    • Blood pressure monitor (medical device)
    • Weight scale (medical device)
    • SpO2 and heart rate monitor (medical device)
    • Beddit sleep monitor
    • Activity tracker
    • Customizable questionnaires and daily questions
    • Connections with other devices are possible on demand

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